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Maurice is a proud cat who likes to be called “Maureece” but is actually “Morris”. He tells everybody he is the star of the film because it is named after him. At least, we let him think that’s how it is. Maurice starts out selfish but, by the end of the story, he will have sacrificed himself to save one of the rats. Of course,being a cat, he has nine lives, so how many does he have left when he makes the sacrifice? Oh dear, he’s lost count.

That can’t be good...

"maurice always lands on his feet"


Our heroine. She is very smart, sharp, cunning and weird. Close to genius, but also close to insanity. Certainly, for her, the line between reality and a story is blurred, very blurred at times - most of the times... The idea of failing or getting hurt doesn’t occur to her, this is a story and they always have a happy end! She’s a mad professor. Whatever goes on in her furious brain translates directly into body motion, she literally lives what she thinks or, let’s say, it overwhelms her
and drives her forward with momentum.

Malicia is quite a character.

"It's all a big swindle!"


Keith has perhaps the biggest arc in the narrative! He starts off a little hapless, lost, a musician happy to play his pipe to earn a living (okay, it’s part of a pied piper rat plague scam, but Keith can live with that), but ends up the hero of the piece AND he wins the girl. How did that happen?

"You need... the Piper!"

Dangerous Beans

Dangerous Beans is the wise, sage-like elder, to whom the other clan rats turn for guidance. He is near-blind and relies on his sense of smell a lot. It tells him everything. Beans is courageous. It is Beans who tracks Peaches through the dark sewers to get her back. It is Beans, who, alone, stands up to the incredible mental power of the mysterious Boss Man (a Rat King).

"Smells like, a mystery!"


Darktan is the military leader of the intelligent rats (the clan). He’s gruff and masculine, able to make tough decisions when he needs to. Darktan does not take prisoners. He leads a squad of rats to rescue Sardines from the Dog Pit (in an abandoned Iron Foundry outside the town walls) when Sardines gets caught by the rat-catchers. Darktan likes his belt, because it carries all kinds of useful tools for his fight to protect the clan.

"The concept of the belt is worthy"


Nourishing starts as a naïve rat, for sure, but this means she is not afraid to ask difficult, important questions. Nourishing accompanies Darktan on the rescue mission to save Sardines from the Dog Pit. She ably rises to the occasion and becomes wiser, when faced with a series of tough decisions.

"Oh, that was fun! Let's do it again!"


Sardines is an old-school theatrical rat, a hoofer, a song-and-dance man. We mean rat. Sardines is an entertainer and cannot resist dancing, come any occasion... even during the final battle, when he is being pulled backwards into the mass of rats body of the Rat King... Sardines goes in with a moonwalk. At the end of the story, when the rat clan has won the battle and living in harmony with the humans, Sardines leads the clan in a victory conga.

"She's got us bang to rights, boss!"


Peaches is the heart of the film because she carries the MR BUNNSY HAS AN ADVENTURE story book. This is her quest. It’s all she wants. However, there comes a point in the film where Malicia reveals to her it’s only a story book! Peaches’ faith and resolve come crashing down and she runs away, into the dark sewers...

Dangerous Beans runs after her, determined to find his friend. At the end of the film, the intelligent rats and humans ARE living side-by-side and Peaches’ faith is restored.


The Rat King

(aka BOSS MAN)

A Rat King is created when the tails of eight or more rats are tied together. Their neural systems combine to make one super-smart powerful rat mind. The Rat King uses his enhanced mental powers to pull all the rats in the town of Bad Blintz into himself. He shapes himself as a human – Boss Man – so that he can gain power over the Mayor and the other humans. What could possibly stop its thirst for power? Only the rat clan... our hero rats, Darktan, Dangerous Beans, Sardines, Nourishing and Peaches, working together with Maurice, Keith and Malicia, who arrive with the real Pied Piper’s pipe just in time for the final showdown...

"You know I have a thing... for rats"

The Rat Catchers

(Billy and Ron)

The Mayor employs Billy and Ron to keep the town clear of rats. The town is clear of rats, unfortunately it is also clear of food. There is none to be found. Ron and Billy are secretly working for the Boss Man, supplying him with rats and food.

What could he possibly want with them?

The Mayor

The Mayor tries to be a good mayor, but it’s not easy being in charge. There are so many compromises to make. The Mayor is the father of Malicia, his wayward daughter, who insists on doing nothing but reading all day. He has no idea she is caught up in the magnificent adventure to take down the Boss Man. Two costumes are shown, the Mayor, when Bad Blintz is suffering from the Boss Man’s scheme; things are dustier, dirtier, drabber; and the Mayor, when the town is thriving, once the hero rats defeat the Boss Man / Rat King.

The Pied Piper

Here he is! The actual Pied Piper. And he’s as crazy as a basket of sharks. DO NOT TRUST HIM. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR HIS HOUSE in the Dark Woods. Except, Malicia and Keith do, in a bid to steal the pipe so that they might have a chance in the final showdown to take on the Rat King...

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